Saturday, 6 April 2013

Kit for Exercising your Disaster Business Response Plans

Compliance requirements state that contingency plans have to be regularly tested but what does that mean for your continuity program and what does a test actually look like? DCS recommends you build a robust exercise program that develops over time to test your plans, incorporate updates and train your employees. Most importantly the program needs to correspond to changes in your business. This kit helps you design, build and facilitate an effective test that will exercise your disaster business response plan from beginning to end. 

In the continuity industry it’s well known that a plan isn't worth the paper it's been printed on if it hasn't been tested. Let us help you add value to your disaster planning program with our kit. It’s full of details on the entire span of testing. This kit covers it all, including: 

• Test strategy
• Types of exercises
• Building your team
• Scenario development
• Simple forms to help with planning and documentation
• Getting participants involved
• Creating detailed plans for how a test is conducted
• Test evaluation and feedback
• Reporting results to your executive team
• Planning the next test based on the last test’s results

Specifications: FFIEC and HIPAA compliant, 16 pages
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